Friday, April 5, 2013

Should Tim Pernetti Step Down? Watch The FULL VIDEO of Mike Rice.....

The fact that we have to even debate this shows how times have changed, tough love they call it. Or is it abuse? It's definitely a fine line between the the two when it comes to sports especially.

What Mike Rice did is totally unacceptable and definitley deserves to be fired but Tim Pernetti be tooken down with him also.... We at The Know says YES.

Why?? Because he's the president and decided to either ignore this behavior or accept it no in between.

And for the people who thinks otherwise, should look at the FULL FOOTAGE of the video and then tell me what you think.... Of course they couldn't put the whole video on t.v.

It's way worst than the snippets they decide to put on t.v , the videos even show Rice knocking one of the players unconscious  ... wonder why that is.?.......

Click Here To Watch The FULL VIDEO Of Mike Rice Abusing His Athletes And The Main Reason Tim Pernetti Should ........

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