Friday, April 5, 2013

Kanye Speaks About Break up with Kim - Admits That "Infatuatuation Was What You Saw" And "Not Love or A Baby"........

In A shocking (not really) turn of events, Kanye is finally speaking out about the rumors of him and Kim's relationship being on the rocks.

In his latest interview with people magazine Kanye Admits that " What you guys see on tv and in magazines is not reality" he goes on to say " I was infatuated with Kim, so naturally after you get something you lust for you lose interest" .

Kim Kardashian hasn't spoken out yet, but reliable sources say she's taken this news as good as she possibly can.
Khole has been quoted saying " Kanye is a loser, and if he doesn't want my sister, it's his lost".

Kanye is also now saying that the prganancy is also a sham!! And he has released videos of her saying so.....

Click Here To See Pics of Kim Obviously Not Pregnant, And The Alleged Video......

(I admit the women in the video looks A LOT like Kim Kardashian, But we can't be sure... What do you think???)

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